Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup

Post-Construction & Commercial Cleaning Services in Charleston, SC

Whether its sawdust all over your furniture or mud tracked in from outside and onto your carpet, construction sure does leave behind a mess. Luckily, Maid Perfect of Charleston is here to tackle the mess for you! Our professional construction cleanup and commercial cleaning services is designed to get your home or business spotless after any construction or renovation project. 

Maid Cleaning Services Charleston, SC

Leave The Dirty Work To Our Maid Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services, including post-construction cleanup services include debris and trash cleaning as well as tidying up and providing the necessary finishing touches. We work quickly and efficiently to get your interiors cleaned and your life back to normal in no time. From vacuuming your carpets to dusting your countertops to hauling debris and more, we do it all. All of our services can be tailored to your unique needs and schedule. 

Please call Maid Perfect of Charleston today to schedule your next cleaning. 
Commercial Cleaning Services Charleston, SC
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